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What is Vitiligo and What are their symptoms?

Are you embarrassed with vitiligo? Don't get upset Dr. Tina's Skin Solutions in Bangalore treats vitiligo effectively, it is one of the best skin care in Bangalore. Dr. Tina Ramachander has been treated many people and have many happy clients with her.


Glutathione – the magical antidote for skin problems

Who doesn’t wish for a flawless, radiating and healthy skin? The lengths we would go for ensuring the perfect look has grown by miles, what with the latest innovations in beauty treatments! However, a general concern of persistent chemical exposure pulls us back from undergoing many treatment.


Say GoodBye To Hair Fall, Regain Your Confidence

Hair fall is a condition in which a person receives excessive hair fall from the scalp. Hair fall is a common problem and can affect the person of different age. The condition is also known as baldness. Hair fall is the hereditary problem and occurs after a certain age. People use home remedies and medical treatment for preventing excessive hair fall and re-establish hair growth.


Reduce Scars With Scar Reduction Treatment In Bangalore

Skin is a seamless organ that protects our valuable inner parts. This skin can be damaged by injury, burn, trauma such as surgery. It leaves scars on the skin.


Fillers -myths, taboo and the wow factor

Take the word filler and the first thing that comes to mind are those botched up jobs on tv and social media, what is a filler and why does it scare a person when u hear the word ?


How to keep allergies at bay during winter

A quick tip for moms to be prepared for allergies in kids and keep them in check..



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