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Summer holidays and your bright beautiful skin


its that time of the year again to pack bags and seek adventures dont forget these tips for skin and hair care.......

if its the beach, have good amount of water, dab that moisturizer and your sunscreen preferably water resistant every 2 hours, a good wide-brimmed hat and a smile.

if its a colder place, moisturize well and you l still need that sunscreen, snow, and water reflect uv rays and definitely need more protection when around it.

keep an antibiotic cream just in case you get those cuts or pricks while holidaying did you know your hair gets damaged with UV too while under direct sun, cover it to protect it. kids get sun damaged fast watch out for redness burning blister formation and do the first aid. pediatric sunscreens have to be applied and reapplied while outdoors and lots of water to compensate for water loss


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