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Can Skin Glow and partying go together?


Yes, of course, why not?

Human beings are social animals and it’s so common to have a busy life but making socialising a part of it filled.

It is a great supportive environment for everyone in the family to thrive, especially for growing children.

Does socialising mean poor health ? Can the two be combined ? These are questions that are often asked.

Yes, one can retain a healthy glow & thrive in a social setting too.

Planning in advance about the quality and quantity of the food and beverage to have is a great start as excess consumption of these two can wreak havoc on one’s skin.

Here are some tips:

  • 1.Hydrate and sunprotect your skin with good amounts of specific moisturizers and sunblocks according to skin type, start atleast 2 weeks prior to the event.:
  • 2.Having a protein and fibre-rich meal before heading out to a party can prevent mindless snacking.
  • 3.Choose wisely. Remember grilled and steamed food is way better then batter-fried and sauced food.
  • 4.Alcohol can be dehydrating. And smoking is anti-aging , Be mindful about this.
  • 5.Lack of sleep is a stress to the body and skin.
  • 6.Make sure you make up for it.
  • 7.Application of cosmetics should be done with guidance and one should pick them up according to the skin type. Stay away from too much of semipermanent colours for hair and skin as they only worsen its quality.
  • 8.Have loads of fibre-rich salads.
  • 9.Remember to remove the cosmetic off the skin and cleanse well and reapply moisturisers to replenish your skin.
  • 10.Take antioxidants like vitamin C, glutathione, astaxanthin which work towards reducing damage to cells.
  • 11.Detest from touching the face too often with hands since it can be a source of infection in a public space when partying.

Remember to have lots of fun this holiday season. Follow these tips to keep your magical glow on the skin and always get back to those healthy eating and lifestyle habits after party hours.

Dr. Tina Ramachander is a dermatologist and cosmetologist. She is Medical Director, Dr. Tina’s Skin Solutionz, below Bata showroom, KIA road, Sahakarnagar.. Skin Solutions is committed to providing best possible treatments for the hair fall. The clinic has excellent treatment facilities for hair fall. The treatment provides full satisfaction and relief to the patient.

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