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Dandruff is the dead skin that sheds from the scalp area.

Symptoms of Dandruff

 Flakes on the scalp and hair

 Itching on the scalp and nape area

 Redness on the scalp

 Irritation on the scalp

 Greasy scalp

 Tingling sensations on the skin

Causes of Dandruff

 Chemicals that cause flaking especially in soaps, shampoos and conditioners or frequent shampooing that causes the skin to go dry and flaky.

 Large amounts of flaking due to certain triggers.

 Shampoo or conditioner not washed thoroughly with water.

 Sensitivity towards certain hair and scalp products.

 Skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis etc.

 Fungal infection of the scalp.

Treatment of Dandruff

 Consultation Consultation is imperative to diagnose the cause of dandruff.

 Anti-fungal treatment Anti-fungal or medicated shampoos are most effective to treat dandruff.

 Medication Oral medication could be prescribed to treat itching, irritation and redness caused by dandruff.


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