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Darker lips can be treated ?


Dark lips need not mean a person smokes

Colour tone and texture of skin on lips can indicate health of a person. A change in color of the lip compared to Its previous days is a sign of underlying issues or lifestyle which is usually over looked

A person can be born with dark lips which is a hereditary pattern or the change can happen any time during the person life Factors causing darkening of lips

1) diet and processed food with artificial colouring can cause staining of lips

2) smoking and betel chewing one of the common causes- nicotine increases the pigment cells and changes the vasculature of lips

3) nutritional deficiencies like iron vitamin b

4) dehydration and sun damage

5) drugs- minocycline a commonly used medication for acne can cause bluish pigmentation on lips

6) chemicals- sulphides can cause pigmentation in the gums and lips

7) skin conditions- moles , lentigens, fixed drug eruptions, lichen planus

8) biting of lips- chewing off the skin or peeling the skin on lips , constant licking habit of lips.

A healthy lifestyle with nutritious meals and good amount of water and vitamin mineral containing diet Stopping the habit of smoking

Application of petroleum jelly and protective sunscreens on the lips nowadays lips balms come with an inbuilt spf. Sunscreens are missed always on the lips and these are the prominent sites for skin cancer.hence always advisable to apply them.on lips too.

Creams which are medicated to treat the melanin content and reduce it. Fillers .

Qswitched ndyag creams for lightening of dark lips is an effective treatment which requires around 2-3 sessions depending on the pigmentation and its depth.


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