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Dry skin treatments

Dryness or dry skin condition occurs due to loss of skin moisture.

Symptoms of Dryness

 Scaling Scaling accompanied by peeling of the outermost layer of the skin.

 Cracking Cracks in skin due to dryness and dehydration of skin.

 Itching Itching could be experienced as the dry skin peels off.

Causes of Dryness

 Weather conditions Dryness of skin is a common sign of weather conditions especially during winter.

 Soaps or Detergents Exposure to harsh soaps or detergents, frequent bathing or hand washing could lead to excessive dryness.

 Vitamin deficiency Deficiency of Vitamin A and D could lead to dry skin.

 Exposure to sun Exposure to extreme sunlight could lead to excessive loss of skin moisture and worsen dryness.

Treatment of Dryness

 Consultation Consultation is required to diagnose the underlying cause for dry skin.

 Topical Treatment Topical creams, ointments or lotions based on petroleum jellies and vegetable oils help curb dryness of skin.

 Medication Medication suitable to cure the underlying medical condition can be coupled with topical treatment to bring about beneficial results.

What to expect out of Laser Therapy

 There will be multiple sessions of the treatment to achieve expected results. The number of sessions depends on the areas to be treated, the growth factors and thickness of unwanted hair.

 Laser therapy doesnt get rid of all the hair on the treatment area. Some fine textured and light colored hair could remain as they are.

 Some amount of pigmentation may exist after the therapy. Proper use of sun protection should help resolve this issue.

Advantages of Laser Therapy

 Facial and body hair follicles can be destroyed effectively.

 It is a painless therapy for removing excess/ unwanted facial and body hair.

 It consumes less time and gives long term results.

Exclusions of Laser Therapy

 Laser therapy does not achieve complete destruction of hair follicles in one appointment. A number of sittings are required for a long term benefit.

 The results vary on the grade of hair and the therapy does not remove white hair.

What you must do before undergoing Laser Therapy

 Avoid epilating or plucking hair on the required area for 2 3 weeks prior to the appointment.

 Avoid shaving the area 3 to 4 days before the treatment.

 Avoid excessive exposure to sun for at least 4 weeks before the treatment.

 Laser treatment of body areas such as the lips or bikini lines might require antiviral medications to avoid herpes infections especially if the patient has a prior history of herpes infection.

What you must follow after Laser Therapy

 Consume prescribed medication.

 Apply sun protection lotions.

 Keep the treated areas free from possible infections.


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