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Glutathione – the magical antidote for skin problems

Who doesn’t wish for a flawless, radiating and healthy skin? The lengths we could go for ensuring the perfect look has grown by miles, given all the latest innovations in beauty treatments! However, a general concern of persistent chemical exposure pulls us back from undergoing many treatments.

Glutathione could be the perfect answer to a lot of our skin problems. Popularly known as the mother of all antioxidants, glutathione is perhaps the most powerful of all antioxidants. They are a popularly talked about health supplement for their qualities of providing a vital antidote to many health issues.


This powerful antioxidant is produced in the cells of our body in some amount and can be augmented through certain food sources or through external means, as part of beauty treatments. Glutathione has found its way to being a major component in skin enhancing treatments and fairness creams available today. They are widely acclaimed for their skin brightening and melanin reduction properties. They in healing skin diseases as well.

So how does it work?

The best thing about glutathione and treatments based on this antioxidant is that they are devoid of any toxins or free radicals that cause harm to our skin or body. Glutathione has an abundance of amino acid as its main constituent. This helps in controlling hyper pigmentation and also in activating enzymes to get rid of accumulated toxins.

In better words, glutathione is a perfect cleansing agent adept at the effective removal of impurities from the skin and providing a brightening glow to it. They are an ideal component in co adjunctive therapies for acne, scar removal and hair loss as well.

How do we use it?

The latest beauty treatments involve glutathione in its various procedures for skin enhancing for glow and health and anti ageing treatments. However, we can replenish our glutathione levels by maintaining a healthy diet involving lots of veggies and fruits like tomatoes, avocado, oranges and so on.

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