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Fly high and and dont forget your healthy skin


2) Fly high and and dont forget your healthy skin

To most people the sky is the limit
To those who love aviation, the sky is home."-anonymous

Home it is for the millions of people working hard day in and out in the aviation industry . The people behind pleasant flights who smile and make sure passengers are safe and reach on time in spite of long haul back to back flying

Flying as a career has its many perks but it comes with skin and hair issues which often become a problem, before seeking expert guidance on treating them.

Here goes few pointers which can go a long way in having healthy skin and hair while flying

1) uv radiation is always higher when flying at a higher altitude, since cabin crew are required to be groomed and be presentable with makeup and hair do, the appropriate sunscreen is an important part of the skin routine, a water based gel like sunscreen is apt for acne prone oily skin. Whereas oil based moisturising sunscreen is best for dry skin.

2)Dehydration due to lack of humidity is another issue, apart from drinking more water, avoiding caffeinated drinks and alcohol helps. Applying a good moisturiser as a base for face and body helps combat dryness.

3) erratic flying times means irregular eating and sleeping habits. This leads to insulin resistance , metabolic melanosis, acanthosis nigricans, pcod etc which means more of pimples, loss of hair, dull skin , darker face and neck folds. The practical way to combat this is have power naps when possible , carry home cooked food and have it when possible or easy snacks like dry fruits, fruits, yogurt, cheese slices etc. Also to exercise as and when time permits

4) rush of being on time , groomed well and always being pleasant in spite of sometimes demanding passengers can lead to stress induced issues like lichen simplex chronicus or an itchy patch or rash area which refuses to stop itching. Breaking the itch scratch cycle by having right medication and de stressing with some yoga or meditation is useful

5) waiting long time for airway clearance during peak hours , especially in summers can result in fungal issues which happen due to excessive sweating, this is characterised by extreme itching reddish rashes or boils in the groin and armpit regions, nowadays fungus is so resistant to therapy , it's so crucial not to pick up a steroid cream over the counter from a pharmacy , this practice has led to fungus growing resistant. Say no to steroids for fungus and yes to pure anti fungal creams.

6) use of heels and snug fitting footwear leads to corns and calluses, always make sure your uniform foot wear isn't too snug and doesn't have hard surfaces so as to prevent those callouses and corns.

This way we address the skin health issues which happen with frequent


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