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Nail Surgery

Nail surgeries are needed to treat abnormal conditions of nails like ingrown nails, fungal or bacterial nail infections etc.

Types of nail surgeries –

1. Partial Nail Avulsion – Partial Nail Avulsion required a strip of nail to be removed from the affected nail.

Benefits of Partial Nail Avulsion –

  • Permanent treatment

  • Less treatment and recovery time

  • Removes infected parts of the nail

  • 2. Matricectomy –

    Matricectomy is a surgical method of destroying complete or selected parts of the base nail/ nail matrix of the affected nails.

    Benefits of Matricectomy –

    It is an effective cure for recurrent conditions of ingrown nails.

    What one should expect from nail surgeries –

    • Some amount of bleeding during the surgery.

      • Some amount of pain or discomfort would exist till the wounds heal.

      What one should do before a nail surgery –

      • Consult the doctor for pre-surgery measures.

        • Avoid medication that causes blood thinning.

        • What one should do after a nail surgery –

          • Use appropriate bandage.

            • Keep the nails dry and free from infections.

              • Check for infections/ complications and contact the doctor immediately.

              • Avoid activities that strain the treated nails.

              • For toe nail surgeries, one should wear loose and comfortable footwear.

              Scar Revisions

              • Reduction in visible appearance of scars


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