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Punch Grafting (Skin Replacement)

What is Punch Grafting?

Punch grafting is a technique used to reduce the appearance of deep scars that are caused by Vitiligo, acne, chicken pox, injury or trauma etc using a punch device.

How is Punch Grafting carried out?

For punch grafting, the area to be treated is cleaned and an anaesthetic is injected into the scar tissue and behind a ear. The scar is excised with a punch devise and a larger punch device is used to harvest grafts from behind the ear injected with an anaesthetic. These grafts are set under microscopic guidance and clear dressings are applied after the treatment. For conditions like Vitiligo, miniature grafting can be extremely effective. This involves removing small bits of skin from the donor area and transplanting them into the tiny recipient chambers made by punching the skin. For larger areas affected by Vitiligo, the procedure can be repeated.

What one should do before Punch Grafting

 Avoid taking medication that causes blood thinning for 2-3 weeks before the treatment.

What one should do after Punch Grafting

 Avoid medication that causes blood thinning.

 Keep the bandages intact for 7-8 days.

 Take sponge baths to avoid dampening the bandages.

 Avoid activities that strain the treated areas.

 Keep a watch for infections. Consult the doctor immediately if required.

What should one expect from Punch Grafting

 Recovery takes about 6 to 8 days.

Benefits of Punch Grafting

 Reduction of pigmentation due to Vitiligo

 Scar reduction

 Smoother skin

 Even skin tone

 Quicker process to treat scars


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