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Reduce Scars With Scar Reduction Treatment In Bangalore

Skin is a seamless organ that protects our valuable inner parts. This skin can be damaged by injury, burn, trauma such as surgery. It leaves scars on the skin.


Types of scars

There are several types of scars as,

1. Overgrowth of dense fibrous tissue after the aggressive healing process of a serious injury is called a Keloid scars.

2. Scar formation after skin burn is called contracture scar. These scars impair your ability to move by tightening the skin.

3. Another type of scar is acne scar and is formed as a result of severe adolescent or adult acne. These scars left on the skin long after the acne has subsided.

4. Hypertrophic scars are similar to keloid scars. Due to the deposit of collagen, a raised red scar is formed but not to the extent of keloid scars.


Symptoms of scars
A localized area of the skin remains raised and appear flesh-colored, pink or red. Some scars show itchy behavior.

Scar Reduction Treatments

1. Laser therapy -Laser treatment is a famous option for scar removal. Commonly carbon dioxide lasers are used to smoothen the scars.

2. Silicone-gel sheets -Silicone-gel sheets are worn at the surface of the scar to seal moisture and reduce the thickness and itching

3.Chemical Peeling -The outer layer of the skin is removed by applying a chemical revealing the skin more healthier, vibrant and smoother.

4. Injections -Injecting collagen fillers is useful for some type of pitted scarring.

5. Dermabrasion -Dermabrasion involves the removal of the upper layer of the skin. This is also known as abrasion.

6. Pressure Dressing -Pressure Dressing is used for hypertrophic scars.

7. Medication -Medicines or drugs are used to reduce the scars.

8.Cryosurgery -Cryosurgery involves freezing of freezes tissue with a probe containing nitrous oxide.

9.Surgery -Surgery is needed for deeper scars.


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