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Skin Infections

Skin infections is a skin condition that occurs as a reaction to foreign substances, bacteria, parasites or viruses.

Types of Infections of Skin

 Bacterial Infections of Skin.

 Viral Infections of Skin.

 Parasitic Infections of Skin.

 Fungal Infections of Skin.

Symptoms of Infections of Skin

 Inflammation/ redness and Itching.

 Swelling and Pain.

 Dry and scaly skin.

 Skin rashes.

 Blisters that turn red in colour or ooze fluids.

Causes of Infections of Skin

 Bacterial infections of skin caused by folliculitis, staphylococcus aureus, impetigo, streptococcus, cellulitis etc.

 Superficial or deep fungal infections like ringworm, candidiasis etc.

 Insect stings or bites.

 Parasitic infestations.

 Viral Skin Infections like shingles, warts etc.

Treatment of Infections of Skin

 Consultation Diagnosis of the condition is important to prescribe suitable treatment.

 Topical Treatment Anti-bacterial or anti-fungal ointments, lotions, creams apt for the skin issue.

 Medication Oral medication/ antibiotics could be prescribed for internal healing.

 Cryotherapy Cryotherapy involves freezing areas of infection with the help of liquid nitrogen.

 Laser Therapy Laser therapy involves exposing the affected area with an intense beam of light.

 Antihistamine/ hydrocortisone Antihistamine/ hydrocortisone help reduce swelling and itching.


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