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Skin Rash

Skin Rash is the change in the skin color, texture and appearance due to an allergy, side effect, injury etc. The affected area on the skin may also itch appear cracked, scaly, dry or bumpy. There could be some amount of swelling

Symptoms of Skin Rash

 Itchy skin.

 Cracked skin.

 Dry, scaly skin.

 Bumps/ blisters on the skin.

 Swelling on or around the affected areas.

 Pain on the affected areas.

Causes of Skin Rash

 Stress and Anxiety.

 Food Allergy.

 Allergy of chemicals/ metals Allergies to dyes, medicinal components, nickel, zinc, lead etc

 Insect Stings Some insect stings cause rashes on the affected areas.

 Reactions Skin rashes may appear as a reaction to vaccines or as a side effect to medicines.

 Diseases Skin rashes may appear due to the existence of certain diseases for example auto immune disorders like psoriasis.

 Hygiene Poor hygiene could lead to skin rashes.

Treatment of Skin Rash

 Topical Treatment.

 Oral Medication.

 Lifestyle change Some of the most common reasons for skin rash are stress, anxiety and poor hygiene. Lifestyle changes help eradicate these causes.

 Antihistamines Allergy of Skin can be treated with the help of antihistamines. They help soothe redness, itching and rashes on the affected areas.


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