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We at skin solution are all about skin its health, nutrition, disease & asthetics. dermatologist-in-bangalore The team at skin solution is lead by Dr. Tina Ramachander is a qualified Consultant Dermatologist practicing in Hebbal, Bangalore,having completed her masters in Dermatology from the renowned JJM Medical college in Karnataka.Dr Ramachander has a fellowship in Dermatosurgery from the prestigious Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute and a fellowship in Dermatosurgery and Lasers from the state of the art National Skin Center Singapore which is one of the leading referral center for Skin related disorders in South Asia. Dr.Ramachander has various national and international presentations to her credit with scientific publications and is an ardent Dermatologist with a fervor in dermatosurgery and medical cosmetology. Skin solution is an amalgamation of foresight , passion , efforts & thought of our founders over the years. Our mission at skin solutionz is compassion & committment to acheive the best quality patient care with prime importance towards a positive patient experience. Skin solutionz is an extension of our endeavours which has transformed from a thought to reality. we take pride in extending this reality to you & welcome you to be a part of the skin solutionz experience.


Laser Hair Removal Excess growth of body and facial hair is caused due to increased levels of androgens in both, females and males. All females produce androgens in limited levels that are lesser than the levels produced in males. However, existence of certain conditions may increase the hormonal levels in females and trigger excessive growth of hair on the face and the body. Symptoms Excessive growth of mature, dark hair on the upper lip, chin, sideburn, lower and upper abdomen, upper back, shoulders etc. Causes Androgen levels increase in the levels of androgens including testosterone. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) PCOS affects the production of hormones that trigger hair growth beyond normal levels. Adrenal gland disorders - Adrenal gland disorders also affect the hormonal levels and cause excessive hair growth. Medication Some medications could cause excessive hair growth as a side effect. Genetic Genetic factors could be one of the reasons for excessive hair growth. Treatment of Excess and Unwanted body and Facial hair Laser Therapy - Laser therapy involves directing strong light at the hair to be absorbed by the dark pigment and destroy the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin. Laser therapy requires a number of sittings depending on the thickness of the hair and the growth factors. What to expect out of Laser Therapy There will be multiple sessions of the treatment to achieve expected results. The number of sessions depends on the areas to be treated, the growth factors and thickness of unwanted hair. Laser therapy doesnt get rid of all the hair on the treatment area. Some fine textured and light colored hair could remain as they are. Some amount of pigmentation may exist after the therapy. Proper use of sun protection should help resolve this issue.

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